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Makara had an email marketing program containing a bi-weekly newsletter and an onboarding drip campaign. Strategic goals for the company were to position itself using engaging content as a trusted platform for retail crypto investors and to increase new users via a referral program in order to decrease CAC. Key metrics included increasing site traffic to the blog and increasing the viral coefficient (the leading metric for measuring the success of the referral program).

Makara Newsletter on Phones


Building off of the email program already in place, I created new content and conducted A/B tests, including:

  • Significant content changes to most onboarding emails to drive interaction and promote the referral program.

  • A “Starter Kit” email that customers could share with friends and family.

  • Shorter blog articles with catchy headlines and easy-to-digest layouts.

  • Testing three variations of the newsletter with shorter, interactive content that cost less to produce and contained clearer CTAs.


  • Newsletter click-through rate increased from 1% to 3% driving more traffic to the blog and product pages.

  • The condensed format of the new newsletter reduced production time from 14 days to 7 days.

  • Increased the viral coefficient by 14% leading to more sustainable referral growth.

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