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Betterment at Work


Retirement Benefits


Microsite, Ebooks, Landing Pages, Articles, Email Course, Social Posts


Betterment at Work saw an opportunity to be a thought leader in the 401(k) space as new legislation, called the SECURE 2.0 Act, was dramatically changing retirement benefits across the country.

Business owners were looking for education on the new legislation to help manage their 401(k) plans. There was a flood of content into the market from competitors but most of it was all similar, restating the legislation in easy-to-understand terms. Betterment at Work needed content that would make them stand out as a trusted guide. 



After detailed competitive, market, and subject matter research, I crafted a two-part solution.

First, to position Betterment at Work as a trusted thought leader, I developed the campaign theme of "Beyond the Facts" to position the content as advice beyond the basic content offered by competitors.

Second, to deliver on the "Beyond the Facts" theme, I created a content strategy that would offer consultative advice to Betterment at Work's audience, helping them to understand the new legislation and effectively manage their 401(k) plans. I produced copywriting for:

  • 3 ebooks and landing pages

  • 10 articles and 1-pagers

  • A 6-email educational course and landing page

  • 3 video concepts

  • Social posts to promote the content

  • A microsite to house the content

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