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The best content is CoNsiStEntLy different

Tesla -- the car company.

Wes Anderson -- the filmmaker.

Seth Godin -- the marketing guru.

We'll see that all three have one thing in common...

Whether they are aware of it or not, your audience expects a consistent content experience from your brand but they desire it to be different from what they can get elsewhere.

Creating consistently different content helps your brand float to the surface in the sewer of sh*t content that people wade through each day.

The first time people see something different, they stop. The second time they see it, they recognize it, and stop again if they enjoyed it the first time.

The same goes for products, services, and brands in general.

  • Consistently different is what makes people want a Tesla instead of a Nissan Leaf or a Chevy Bolt.

  • Consistently different is what creates a cult following around Wes Anderson movies.

  • Consistently different is what has turned Seth Godin into a best-selling author and marketing guru.

Plus, when you are different, it gives you the freedom to try new things -- like throwing a metal ball into a Tesla Cybertruck window as a publicity stunt. It gives you the freedom to continue being "more different" from everyone else -- even if the Cybertruck's windows accidentally broke.

So, when we create content experiences, let's ask: Are we being consistently different?


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